No Man’s Sky

With all the buzz around this title: No man’s Sky (NMS), I could not be helped but try it out. But for a indie title like this at $60 is a little steep. But for exploration games sometimes it might be worth it.
With the fire they are getting for a crappy port stating that most of the issues is caused by under spech PCs is a clear indication they don’t know how the PC community works. We don’t have a minimum spec since you can have an old er generation GPU that can outperform a new generation GPU.

It kinda feels like NMS spent more time getting the game to work on smaller GPUs for nvidia than the later GPUs of Radeon (pre OpenGl4.5). My laptop has a GeForce 840M and it works but is sooooo slow it makes me get sick playing it. On my PC i have a Radeon HD 6870 and it kept crashing. So with the fix on below link that
FIX for video Card without OPENGL 4.5

With that fix that injects the version into the game allowed me to play the game on my PC and on medium it runs relatively well.


There are some glitches with some flickering but if I get to play the game at the frame rate it was designed for i am cool with that.My i7 and 8gb ram with the HD 6870 has no problem of being less than the minimum specifications since my GPU is the later range of the HD 6000 series.
Now I get to fly around until they fix the issue in game and remove the OpenGL requirment. But one would think that is not going to happen. They have a hardon for Nvidia those biased Hello games.

Explore and find the pattern of repetition

Although it is fun at the moment i hope I don’t get bogged down when I see the repetition of the algorithm using same layouts and textures. But until that happens ill have lots of fun.