2020 Catch-up

So far this year has been eventful. With Covid making our lives harder atleast some projects completed. With me being at home having time to complete some small weekend projects

Rage 2019

Cosplay was fun but never got the LEDs working. Power issues… meh.

Me cosplaying at RAGE 2019

3D Printing

I finished the rebuild of the MK2 Prusa clone

The upgraded frame.
Added some support to make it more rigid.
Final version with slip removed with externalizing the y axis with a stepper driver powered from a 32V input.
Can print huge objects now.

Quad copter FPV Freestyle

I have been getting into FPV freestyle and a little bit of racing on my own. It is allot of fun and makes me think of pod racing.

Base Echine wizzard 220 quad. Great as a starter kit.
Figuring out the camera mount and how not to break it. Printing with flexible filament.
Doing first race practice track.

PC Upgrades and modding

With my pc showing its age I have dug into my wallet and upgraded PC.

Green Monster

With the case also showing its age I started modding the case also.

This year is still not done and many projects still in the works.