Congratulations on finding this little cave on the vast internet. Here you will find some news on happening of interest to me and projects ranging from robotics to 3D Printing.

I am a geek in fields of technology, gaming and photography. Working as a Software Engineer and studying at Unisa.

You can find me on most social platforms and online games. I have been know  in South Africa as Buglish since 1999 when my Guild (Hydra Clan) participated in Worfaire Quake 2 competitive gaming competition @ ICON Comic and Games Convention on the map ‘The Edge’. Those days it was still not seen as an e-sport but we were pushing for such with glsa.co.za and have succeeded but that is mostly due to China 🙂

Internationally I served on many gaming Guilds but notably more Indefinite Alliance. The Guild has presence in Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The old Republic and several minor MMOs. We are pushing to start on Star Citizen and ill recruit when the game is released.

I am also a n00b photographer and share some picture on my Instagram.



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