Congratulations on finding this little cave on the vast internet. Here you will find some news and happening of interest to me and projects ranging from Robotics, 3D Printing, Drones, Electronics, Games, VR and Geeky stuff.

I am a geek in fields of technology, gaming and photography. Working as a Software Engineer and studying at UNISA.

You can find me on most social platforms and online games. I have been know  in South Africa as Buglish since 1999 when my Guild (Hydra Clan) participated in Worfaire Quake 2 competitive gaming competition @ ICON Comic and Games Convention on the map ‘The Edge’. Those days it was still not seen as an e-sport but we were pushing for such with glsa.co.za. Now I just game casually and in VR. you can find me explore VR content on steam, Epic and most other platforms also as Buglish.

Internationally I served on many gaming Guilds but notably more Indefinite Alliance. The Guild has presence in Guild Wars 2, Star Wars: The old Republic and several minor MMOs. We are pushing to start on Star Citizen and ill recruit when the game is released. Currently I serve in FBE Enterprises and I have several ships I hope to play with some time.

I am also a n00b photographer and share some picture on my Instagram.

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