Building a 3D Printer

Getting a 3D Printer can be expensive and not always what will work for you. So instead of getting a kit why not make one?
That is exactly what me and some friends over at MakerLabs did. We selected a frame on and started from there.

First we got a frame assembled. We used 20×20 aluminum extrusions for the frame.

Frame assembly

We then created  prototypes some parts to see which will wok best for the frame and design.

Early planning

Then finalisation of parts in main colour. Even then it kept changing as is expected with prototyping.

Getting closer.

Then I got most of my parts and started the real build.

Most parts.

Then when almost done with the build I started with calibration which took a week or two.

Now with the control unit sitting next to it and holding the ramps 1.4 and Raspberry Pi 3 B+, the build is almost done.

Building your own printer can be daunting but is extremely rewarding in what you learn and you save a little on cost also.
Unless your like me and burn out electronics because you don’t read specifications :p