Deadpool was Crazy

When I first heard of Deadpool last year the hype only grew to such a hype train it has been impossible to miss. My thoughts…The movie was great and I enjoyed the action scenes supported by snippy humor. The Mercenary with the mouth.
So thinking of this movie a year from now will we remember it? Short answer, No.

What we will remember is what this movie represented. New IP, small budget R-rated movies and 4th wall breaking story telling. Deadpool’s next movie might be good but this model of the actors telling us what we should know or find funny about it is kinda annoying when over used. The director should find better ways to convey the Lore.

Final thoughts would be Deadpool was not groundbreaking or visually stunning. In fact it was subtle with the CGI if you discount Colossus and the final scene of the ship falling over. I am still not sure why they linked Deadpool to the X-Men since if you remove the X-Men nothing will change in the story except some fight scenes but overall it was pointless. Ok movie to see if you have a chance but not so amazing to go out as fast as possible to go see it.

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