VR on the cheap

Ok, so VR is the new topic everyone is talking about. Looking at the two main VR contenders, Oculus Rift & HTV Vive, the entry level PC and device is extremely expensive. The next best thing is to use your existing mobile phone and use it as your mobile device. I started with a Google Cardboard and it is great…as a temporary solution. It starts getting dirty and falls apart with continued use. Too the rescue comes plastic VR molds. The Samsung Gear VR is great but mostly geared towards Samsung devices and is $99. That seems a little steep for a plastic mold that only holds your phone. So what do you do if you don’t have a Samsung? You go VR Box V2.


Mine is on its way and after doing some research on the device it looks to be a cheap alternative that is comparable with many IOs and Android phones. I ordered mine on AliExpress and only costed me $28 and looks to fit my LG G4 perfectly. Some smaller phones might have issues with seeing the edges but the lenses are adjustable.


The kit comes with a Bluetooth controller which will come in handy since the headset does not have the magnet button the google cardboard has.

Now id your thinking lame why get a cheap version when you can just get an expensive Rift. 1. You can use your current phone. 2. Google IO just showcased Daydream.


Daydream will bring the VR world to the masses without you have to spend R20,000.00 on a new PC and R12,000.00 on just the Rift without controllers. With this platform I will stay happy until the Rift second generation comes out with higher definition screens and better tracking speeds. That might take another 2 years but at that cost of buying in I don’t mind waiting and playing with cheap alternatives such as Daydream.

All I need to do is get a better VR controller once Daydream is released.

Lets hope for some Android PC integration so I can play Star Citizen, streamed to phone VR setup.

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