Weather balloon launch

We at MakerLabs are preparing to participate in the next weather balloon launch. This will include a science payload that still needs to be finalized.

So far we are going to either record temperature and humidity. Alternately we will record solar power performance at as it goes up so we would need a solar panel, power probe and altitude sensor.

Let’s see how it goes.

The previous launch was fun.







HTV Vive Pro

So the HTC Vive Pro has been teased at CES2018 and it should come out this year. Lets hope it comes soon as I want an upgrade.

They say one can get just the headset and use your existing lighthouses. The extra sensors might be a great thing to get also.

Tom’s guides are the best!

Thomas Sanladerer has been doing stuff with 3D Printing for a long time and can be seen as an expert on the matter.

With his latest guide to build a Prusa Mk2 guide anyone can build a 3D printer as cheap as possible. On his guide he has the build items and where to buy them. He has also added some videos on the builds.






The build continues and my parts are still in the mail. Ooh well it will happen soon.



Arduino Robotics

If you want to learn robotics there is no better than Arduino. Get a kit and start exploring.

Sure the Mega can power a 3D Printer but with the Mega and UNO you can do so much more.

Playing around with a Sumobot design.

Having a blast at the MakerLabs club meetings.

MakerLabs and Fabrication @ MadeInWorkshop in Gauteng

When one tinkers with Arduino kits or 3D Printer kits it can be a tough process when you don’t have all the tools to make your alterations. I got to a point where my 3D Printer was just not getting past the calibration steps since going at it alone is hard.

I found a solution by attending a #MakerLabs event which is weekly with like-minded individuals all interested in building all kinds of weird things. As a bonus the location is at a workshop where one has access to laser or plasma cutting or CNC equipment. The guys there helped me figure out what was wrong with my printer and got it printing in two session where we fabricated new parts allowing mounting my new extruder.

The whole experience at #MakerLabs and hosted by #MadeInWorkshop was super exciting and one learns so much.

Now that I am past the initial issues of 3D printing is am making all kinds of things.

I had issues with fumes from my printer so I made a hood. Now I am safe and it looks amazing.


Lets see what to make next 🙂