Brain Data Injection

The day where we are connected to your computer through a neural interface is not far off. If they can correct the speech of a kid through deep brain stimulation then injecting data into the mind and reading from it is not far off. source

The current interface of Emotive is currently just reading electrical impulses on the outside region and does not give the resolution of a MRI.

A MRI can give you the resolution since it can see all the electrical pulses deep inside but the equipment is massive. With the correct software one can map the neurons for each person. This has been done to a point where they have a set of videos that can randomly play to a viewer inside a MRI and then extrapolate a fuzzy image read from the brain of the video playing.

It is not to much of a stretch to think mind control avatars in a game or injecting the game into your mind. This is scary and can be abused.

Still I am excited and waiting for the tech to be developed by researchers. I’ll do my part of working on data and vision linking through data fusion.

So many new things at CIG

After the drama with Escapist magazine where they claimed the game is impossible, I now have no doubt that the game is on track and will have enough money to complete.

The Escapist has been super quite after the event seeing how much of the framework stuff (in ship gravity, stations, ship systems, traveling and FPS) has been built. Now CIG only needs to fill in the stations and build the missions.

At the CitizenCon they showed a part of Squadron 42, and a Star Map that is accessible online.

Full live stream

The sabre is out now also

One can also create upgrades for your ships to frames you wanted. Sure some limited ones are not there but I can upgrade several ships to what I want.

Now the mission is to select which ships to keep and which to upgrade. And spending more bucks on the game means the game has more to work with.


rAge 2015

rAge was awesome and got to see the Oculur Rift. Ben got sick but it is a good start for the tech. We will see how it improves.


Exploring and having a blast at #rage #joburg

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    Played a new Indie game called no more boxes.

Fun game and should be on greenlight soon. #rage #steam #indie @tuism @TwoplusGames A photo posted by @buglish on